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Pager Housings



Looking for Motorola Pager Housings and Cases?  Even though they are no longer available from Motorola, we have large quantities of "REFURBISHED" pager housings to meet your needs.   Call us for a quote.


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Refurb B8/L5 Belt Clips

 Motorola BR850 / LS550  Pager Belt Clip

Refurb LS350 Back Cover

Motorola LS350  Pager Back Cover

P/N: 0162478E01

 P/N: 0162477MO1   


B8 Front Cover  AG Back Cover


Motorola BR850 Pager Front Cover

Motorola Advisor Gold Back Cover

P/N: 0162478CO1

 P/N: 0162487UO1

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