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Re-Crystallizing Encores or Gold Advisors? 

Now we have 3 tuning caps to choose from!

   Superior quality pager parts available for immediate shipment! LCD's, after-market Switches, Lenses, Crystals, Ceramic Filters, Lights, Trimmer Caps, Buttons, Housings, Password Readers. All at very low prices, of highest quality available. Manufactured in our own New York based facility!

        Excerpt from our Pager Parts List:



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Description OEM Part No.

Our Part No.

Trimmer capacitor, used to refreq Encore, Gold Advisor etc., Motorola original part ( blue dot ) 20-60510A07 CPR-TRIM2
Trimmer capacitor, used to refreq Gold Advisor etc., Motorola original part ( red dot ), includes fixed chip cap. 20-60510A05 CPR-TRIM3
Alignment tool, fits Motorola Coils / slugs perfectly. Made of ceramic. There's nothing better.    CPR-AT2
Screwdriver , T8, T7, T6 size,  open up all housing, specify size   CPR-T8/T7/T6
Screws, Express 03-62991B03 CPR-SE
Ceramic Filter, 450 Khz, used in NEC synthesizes pagers   CPR-CFN
Switch, used on Plus / Bravo, with dust cover installed , quality is better than Motorola original   CPR-SW2
Dust cover set for above switch, front and rear   CPR-DC
Light Bulb, universal, 1.5 volt, fits all pagers, ie. Bravo , Plus, Express, Gold Advisor, Uniden etc.   CPR-LB
Vibrators, used in Bravo / Plus, 7mm diameter 59-5046H02 CPR-VIB
Lens, Bravo / Plus, Mounts in housing in front of LCD, identical to Motorola Lens, in strips of ten with pull tape 61-5023T01 CPR-LENS
Lens, Express, must be glued in place, new design with " pull tape " , just like Motorola   CPR-LENS4
Ferrite tuning screws used in Motorola variable coils ( cracks often )   CPR-SLUG
Buttons, Uniden XLT   CPR-G-X
Buttons, Ultra Express 75-5027X01 CPR-G-U
Buttons, Advisor 75-5064L01 CPR-G-A
Buttons, Advisor, reset, switch not included 38-5051V01 CPR-G-AO
Buttons, Gasket, Plus   CPR-GP
Buttons, Gasket, Bravo   CPR-GB
Light wedge / Lens retainer used in Bravo / Plus pager, works in 2 bulb version   CPR-LR2
Light wedge / Lens retainer used in Bravo / Plus pager, works in 1 bulb version   CPR-LR1
Plastic polish, puts that "like new" luster on all housings, 32 oz. Size ( ONLY )   CPR-CHEM4
"LABEL OFF",  spray,  excellent for removing labels and adhesive residue from pager lenses and housings   CPR-CHEM2
Chains,  gold color safety chain, same design as Motorola but no logo   CPR-CHAIN
Test clips, used for NEC & password readers, blue color, 8 pins   CPR-TC
Crystals, Synthesizer Reference, 14.4mhz, used in NEC pagers   CPR-14.4
Crystals, 2nd Oscillator, 17.445 Mhz, used in 150 and 900 Mhz Plus / Bravo   CPR-17445
Crystals, 2nd Oscillator, 44.5075 Mhz, used in Xtra   CPR-445075
Crystals, 2nd Oscillator, 17.760 Mhz, used in 150 and 900 Mhz Encore / Bravo LX   CPR-1776
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