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Click Here for Press Release from Motorola


    How will Motorola's exit from the pager industry effect you?


    New equipment purchases must be procured primarily from Asian based manufacturers. This equipment will work, but does not come close to the performance or quality of a Motorola pager.  An alternative to purchasing New pagers is to purchase Refurbished Motorola pagers that look and perform as well as a new unit. Prolonging the life of existing equipment is now more critical than ever before. In this regard, we recommend routine preventative maintenance to keep your existing Motorola pagers in peak condition.



We can supply a wide variety of top quality,  Refurbished Motorola pagers at very competitive prices.  In order to prepare a quotation we require the following information:


Pager Model ( see photos below )

Quantity  required

Frequency of operation

Paging Format.  Choose  from one of the following:


                                       POCSAG 2400 bps

                                       POCSAG 1200 bps-                                      

                                       POCSAG 512 bps


                                       5/6  Tone

                                       2 Tone


If you have any problems determining any of the above information, you may send a sample of a pager that is currently in service for us to examine.  This unit will be promptly returned to you after it is inspected.




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