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   Established in 1987, we are one of the oldest and trusted names in the pager repair industry. Our current client base consists of paging carriers, paging resellers, hospitals and other businesses. 


    Our pager repair center uses the finest test equipment by  Hewlett-Packard, Marconi and Tescom.  To ensure quality,  repair work is done in RF shielded  rooms. All units go through a quality check where by each unit is test paged by another technician on a second  test bench. This procedure has allowed us to maintain one of the lowest return rates in the industry. 


      Since we stock virtually all common pager parts, turn around time is a brisk 2 to 5 working days. 


   Documentation is an important step in the pager repair process. To this end, each pager is tagged with its frequency, cap code, data rate as well as notes that pertain to the repair and parts used to complete the repair.


   In addition, we include a comprehensive  Repair Invoice  that details ALL work done to ALL pagers, as well as the amount billed for our services.   The back of this report contains a legend of repair codes used to indicate the nature of the work performed.               SEE  BELOW for an example.



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Comprehensive  Pager  Repair  Invoice



You may choose from one of two pricing plans





  Includes all parts and labor required to restore unit to manufacturers specs. 


  Excludes case and housing parts. These parts are available but billed separately.


       Numeric Display Pagers:  $15.00  to $20.00  per unit based upon volume


       Alpha-Numeric Pagers:     $22.50 to 32.50 per unit based upon volume

                                                  ( Excludes LCD displays. Available at additional cost )


       Two-Way Pagers ( ie:  T900, P930, P935 , Pagerwriter 2000X )

       Sorry, No Flat Rate is offered for this unit.  See other plan below.





  A flat rate labor charge and itemized parts bill is issued for each unit repaired. Customer can specify 

  a maximum price cap for the repair.  If exceeded the repair will not be done and  only the minimum

  inspection fee will be due.


  Labor Prices are as follows:


  Numeric Display Pagers:  $10.00 per unit   


  Alpha-Numeric Pagers:    $14.00 per unit


  Two-Way Pagers:

                                              Pagewriter 2000X                 $30.00

                                              Timeport  P930  /  P935       $45.00

                                              Talkabout T900                      $25.00


  Minimum inspection / estimate  charge is $10 on all units. 

  Discounts are offered for large accounts. 



       Shipping Charges if order is prepaid by M.O.  or  Credit Card

                        UPS Ground:      $7.00

                        UPS 2 Day Air:  $16.00

                        UPS Next Day:  $25.00


       Please Note:   UPS   DOES NOT deliver on Saturday, Sunday or Major Holidays

                            A Next Day Air package shipped on Friday will arrive on Monday.


       Defective units may be shipped directly to us. 

       Please indicate if you want us to use new or used parts, payment and return shipping method.


           Please mail your unit(s) to:

             CPR Technology

             Attn:  Repair Dept.

             640 Dean Street

             Brooklyn, NY  11238

             Tel:  718-783-6000