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             General Information




   We supply pagers for private, in house paging systems used in your hospital or business. We can also supply pagers for traditional public paging networks as well. We DO NOT provide Airtime, Paging Services or Paging Telephone Numbers.

   As you might already know, Motorola is no longer manufacturing pagers. Motorola sold the manufacturing rights to their pagers as well as the “BRAVO” trade name to Davis Telecom based in Singapore. Davis Telecom has continued Motorola’s tradition of engineering excellence. You will no doubt be pleased with the performance of these fine pagers for years to come. All units carry a 1 year warranty and are fully supported by our repair facility.


                 Ordering Info



  A major advantage that these units have over USED units is that they are full programmable. Both the operating frequency and cap code can be immediately programmed in our service center. This means immediate delivery of your new pagers !

   Older model pagers use crystals to determine the pagers operating frequency.
These crystals must be ordered, which results in lead times of up to 6 weeks.

   Customer must supply us with:

1) Frequency  of  operation
2) Paging Protocol  ( ie FLEX, POCSAG 512, POCSAG 1200, POCSAG 2400 )

If your on site paging systems uses the GOLAY paging protocol, you must order USED pagers since GOLAY pagers are no longer manufactured by anyone.








             25-99           100-199               200+
       BRAVO  500          $74.00             $71.50           $68.50            $65.00             CALL
       BRAVO  501          $78.00             $76.50           $73.50            $70.50             CALL
       BRAVO  802        $122.00           $116.50           $111.50          $106.50             CALL

                                                       Delivery Time: STOCK to 5 days                           FOB: New York City